Interesting SAT Essay Prompts

Most students when they have to write their SAT essays for college admissions get frustrated with trying to make it perfect. They are so worried about getting into the school they want to go to and about how their score will impact their future career. This is a unique type of essay because it is required for many, but not all of the universities in the United States. You will only have to write one for your entrance into the school, and then you won’t see this type of essay again unless you want another degree or want to go to another school that also requires an SAT.

The thing that most students struggle with is finding a good idea for their essays. This is one of the most important aspects of this essay, however, as the topic will define the entire course of the essay, and would change entirely fi you decided that you wanted to write about something different. Make sure that your topic is a good one so that you don’t have to waste time writing about something twice.

Prompts for SAT Essays

Here is a list of a few prompts that you could use in your own essay, just as a starting place for ideas. If you see a different angle on one of these topics or if they spark an entirely different idea, run with it!

  1. Is your education (or anybody’s) mostly the result of influences that happen outside of the classroom, such as sports teams, friends, parents, even TV?
  2. Are we too afraid to admit our ignorance and the place where we are right now? What if that admission will lead us to further learning and progress?
  3. Regarding problems that affect individual communities, should people take more responsibility for solving those problems on a municipal level?
  4. Ponder this: do we learn more from our successes or from our mistakes?
  5. Is focusing on one subject the way to an important discovery?
  6. Should we be developing our own ideas first or do all people tend to just accept the ideas and opinions of others?
  7. Do you think good advice is always a welcome thing? When we need it the most, is it true that we are the least willing of all times to listen to it?
  8. Remembering past mistakes and successes, do those memories hinder or help us in our quest to succeed and learn in the present?

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