Recommendations For Freshmen Who Need To Write An Essay

Being a freshman, you will not be proficient in the art of writing essays. Your writing techniques play as an important role as the content of your writing in ensuring that you achieve a high mark for your work. As such, we have compiled a list of important recommendations for freshmen that are only entering the world of writing papers.


The first technique that is important for you to learn when writing essays is to plan diligently. Writing without a plan in mind can lead to distorted paper that is hard to follow and understand for your reader.

We recommend that you plan your paper in terms of the main points you aim to make during the course of your writing. Write these as the main heading in your plan, and then write a brief summary of what you will be talking about in regards to these main points that you will make in the course of your essay.


Along with the plan, the structure and organization of your paper is also pivotal for your reader to understand and follow your writing. There is a ‘standard’ structure to academic papers and it is as such:

  • Introduction: The first paragraph of your paper should introduce the topic you are going to be discussing in your work, as well as give the reader an outline of the points you will make during the course of your writing. Remember to begin your introduction with a strong hook that immediately catches the attention of your reader.
  • Main body: These may consist of many paragraphs, however many you need to sufficiently put your point across and/or make full use of your word count limit.
  • Conclusion: The section of your paper is the conclusion. Here you provide a summary of the main talking points of your work.


Since this is your first experience in academic writing, there is no shame in asking for or seeking assistance. If there is a concept that you are unsure of then we highly recommend that you ask for professor, or to do further research online. It can also be helpful to ask your classmates about how they are getting along with their work, and to share ideas, as this can greatly help.

You may find essay writing a daunting task, considering that you are only a freshman, but by following these vital recommendations you will learn how to compose a high quality paper.

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