Easy Steps to Writing a Successful Opinion Essay

An opinion paper allows students to express their views on a given subject matter. These views, however, needs to be justified or supported with enough examples to bolster your claims. To pen an opinion, you need to choose a topic, research on it and plan the structure for writing. It sounds easier said than done, right. Well, this piece will guide you through writing an opinion essay like a pro. 

Guides to Writing an Opinion Paper 

Writing your opinion on a matter requires critical reasoning and a better understanding of the subject. It is imperative to have enough arsenals at hand before you even put a pen on paper. For a more persuasive opinion, you need to follow these rules

Adequate Preparation

The most important aspect of writing an opinion is preparing adequately beforehand. It allows you to stay in line with concrete and persuasive arguments, devoid of repetitions and irrelevant materials. 

Stay within the topic

Students mostly deviate from the primary subject matter due to a lack of preparation or inadequate research. It leads to being fluffy, redundant, and going off track to increase word count. For a catchy write-up, always learn to remain within the topic.

Indent the First Paragraph: Just like any other academic paper, indentation is very important. It would be best if you did this in the first paragraph of your essay.

A well-planned structure

The essay must be well structured, introduction, body, and conclusion with all having valid points. The structure of your work helps you to stay on track and makes it difficult to deviate. 

In the introduction, address your audience and announce your topic, stating whether you are for or against the motion. You can make references to back your position. The body is the main deal, where you elaborate on your position. You then conclude by reaffirming your stance.

Choosing a Topic

Choosing a topic for your opinion essay could be very tricky. Consequently, one of the common mistakes most students make when selecting an opinion topic is focusing on how popular it is. It is wrong but sadly a recurring phenomenon. In choosing a subject, you must consider the following

  • How abreast you are with it
  • Its relevance
  • Your interest in it

The above points will not only help you choose the best topic but also help you deliver a masterpiece. 

Examples of Opinion Essay Topics

  • How different is sports from ordinary board games?
  • Should everyone be eligible for a four day work week schedule?
  • Is it moral to eat animals? 
  • Is being honest with our peers important?
  • Is the salary of a CEO too much?
  • Should teens be barred from having sleepovers?
  • Should everyone have the chance the vote?
  • The Pros & Cons of Day-Light Saving Hours.
  • Is it right to use animals in circus performances?


Writing an opinion essay is just like any other academic work; hence, the same rules must be applied. Secondly, do the necessary research to make the writing easier. It is also essential to refer or quote resources that share in your opinions. 

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