Little Tricks To Help You Compose A Winning Essay On Sports

Writing a sports essay in English poses a major problem. Sports features in all media across the world everyday and selecting an outstanding topic on it can be troublesome. In fact throughout history, sports have been an integral part of our life and it might seem that everything that can be written on it has been covered. Thus the exposure and the abundance of information makes sports essay writing difficult. So, how can you compose a great essay on the subject and properly correct all the mistakes? Here are some practical points collected by writing professionals to help you.

What is your prompt?

The first step to write a superior essay is to write is to understand your assignment prompt completely. If the topic is not given there will be hints for you to select an appropriate one, the format you have to write including the word count and other guidelines. If the topic is stated then you have to think about a unique point of view and approach so that your essay stands out. Ask your faculty if you have any question. Select a topic according to

  • Your interest
  • Your experience or knowledge
  • Topicality of the issue
  • Relevance of the topic

Start ideating

Everyone has played something in one point of their life and this can be turned to an advantage. Even if you have to write an essay on value of sports, think of a specific issue which can be relatable to a larger audience. Also think about a topic that has practical use, like a sports and health essay. Here you need to incorporate some new, shocking or interesting facts to attract interest of the readers.

These steps can help you:

  1. Get associated with a sport –
  2. You need not be proficient in it but the training and experience will definitely help you. Often you need to go out of your comfort zone to get a new experience.

  3. Watch or follow a particular sport –
  4. Seeing a sporting action live has its excitement and may help you think of a topic idea. Watching the event and the fans might also get you a great sports essay introduction.

  5. Read sports literature –
  6. There are numerous literature, films, performances and songs on sports or a particular aspect of it. Going through them can give you some brilliant ideas.

  7. Share your ideas –
  8. There are several online groups and forums of sports enthusiasts. You can easily join these groups and share and discuss your point of view. You will definitely receive several other ideas you can use in your essay.

  9. Brainstorm –
  10. Think about a personal angle or your personal experience with the subject. A well written recollection of how you missed your first medal in junior school can be an excellent sports day essay.

Getting topic ideas

  • The evaluation of a particular sport or the origin and history can be a good topic for a descriptive essay.
  • Following a sports personality, stars, icon, event or a team can get you excellent narrative essay topics.
  • Personal experiences, triumphs and even failures can make great essay topics. You can also look at the diehard fans and supporters for personal angle stories.
  • Related and applied fields like nutrition, medicine, gadgets and gears etc can also be your essay topic.

If you are still apprehensive, start by writing a small paragraph on sports. If you like what you have written then expand on the idea and you will have your essay.

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